Landscape preparation
We level surfaces in preparation for driveways, lawns, paths, or concrete. We aim to provide you with the perfect flat surface for your backyard project.

Retaining walls and fences
Retaining walls are supportive structures that allow the soil to be retained at different levels on both sides. The design and installation of retaining walls need to be precise in order to counteract the lateral earth pressure. We pride ourselves in quality and workmanship of the retaining walls and fences we build.

Fences add value and security to your home. We can help you to design the right one to suit your needs. “Good fences make good neighbours.” (Robert Frost, 1914).

Levelling and site cleans
Your site can easily be levelled and/or cleared of soil, materials or rubbish so you can begin your next job. We even dump the waste, taking away the heavy lifting and hard work from you.

We can drill holes 300, 450 and 600mm wide and up to 1.8m deep for your retaining wall, deck or fence.

We easily shift soil behind retaining walls, garden beds or to where it is needed.

Machine Operation
We are fully qualified machine operators! From 2 to 20 tonne, we are competent and can skilfully use the big rigs – just let us know your earthworks needs!

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